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Magnificent Athens, Greece (video)


Athens is known as the birthplace of civilization and the cultural centre of the world. Today the magnificence of historic Athens remains for all to see. The Travel Guy visits the Acropolis, one of the 7 Wonders of the World, learns how to dance a traditional Greek dance (you’ll laugh at this) as well as how to make the delicious traditional dish of Moussaka, his favourite food in Athens.

His co-host visits one of the world’s most renowned sandal-makers, as well as the tiny island of Aegina, where she learns about the art of pottery making and about the island’s biggest export – pistachios. Visit the Plaka area of Athens, walk on the remains of the world’s first street and enjoys some of the famous Greek Ouzo and other surprise. The Travel Guy is right at home in Greece and why not, that is what his last name means…Greek (although he is Italian)!

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