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Mobile enterprise application development: making your own AI business partner


Business world is never still. Everybody does their thing, and the money flow and cash registers clang merrily day by day. Sounds magnificent. But the world of today demands a lot from everyone, and even big companies have to follow the new rules that technological progress constantly updates. So, to keep up with the pace of time, every business needs a special tool – a mobile enterprise application.

Though the mobile enterprise application development process can be tricky it is really worth it. Let’s take a closer look at what it is and how it’s done.

Defining a mobile enterprise application

An enterprise app is a commercial tool that lets companies easily manage their business processes. It is commonly used to share company data across different systems, to provide easy access to company data for every employee, to reduce transportation expenses, and to manage multiple tasks between different parts of the company at the same time. An impressive set of options, isn’t it?

What is a must for every enterprise app?

Every trustworthy app today has to support cloud-based services. It is much better for any company to be able to share any kind of information with all of the employees. It is also essential for a mobile enterprise application to be capable of working with Big Data since the amount of information needed for modern businesses grows day by day. Everything should be easily accessible, no matter how many requests there might be. 

Another thing that is very important for any mobile enterprise application today is AI. Artificial intelligence not only turns on the lights in the room or draws nonexistent paintings on demand – it can literally become a business adviser that works for free! Well, excluding the money spent on its initial development. Anyway, adding some digital brains to your company is never a bad idea. The smarter it gets – the more profitable your business becomes.

Pros with no cons

If you have your own business, you need it to grow. That’s a given, everybody knows that stagnation puts even profitable companies down. So, to let your business grow you have to track all its operations, and, although it is incredibly difficult to do, a good mobile enterprise application is able to accomplish such an important task. 

The integrated AI can show you all the cases of unnecessary spending and other financial flaws – that is a key to success. To know what is wrong is to solve half of the problem. Also, you would save lots of money on the daily information: all the processed data, marketing operations, and commercial transactions are clearly visible in the app, so you just have to use one of your digital devices to know what’s going on. A decade ago people had to dig into the paperwork for that. Not anymore.

Management of mobile enterprise applications

Management apps are the most needful ones. Apps of this kind can do resource planning and HR management. Enterprise resource planning applications can provide remote management of all business processes, like cost control, sales and planning. 

All the biggest companies use apps of this kind in their everyday work. HR management also gets more successful if there is a good enterprise app in the company – everyone feels comfortable and can communicate with each other whenever they need it. It is quite an important task – to integrate a fully-functional management mobile enterprise application into your company’s architecture. For businesses today it literally means staying alive.

Team collaboration applications

Team collaboration apps are a communication thing. Their main purpose is to let your employees collaborate to do their job successfully, and also to provide a customer support base. As a rule, applications of this type also include content management systems, which are very useful for daily digital content editing.

Auxiliary types of enterprise applications

There are enterprise apps that may seem less important to have than management ones, and yet they are also quite useful and should not be ignored. Analytic applications are needed to read and process information to form a statistical overview. When it comes to storing data every business needs a storage mobile enterprise application. Apps of this kind allow systemizing and storing all the content that is too important to be erased, so it is always good to have such an application if your company grows too fast, or if you want to see it growing too fast in the future.

What else to say?

Don’t forget about the security! That’s exactly what you should keep in mind when it comes to mobile enterprise application development. There are many cases of hacks and leaks and data theft due to corporate applications being cheaply made or untested. That can be dangerous. A minor leak of information may damage a company’s reputation. Serious data theft may do the instakill. 

So, if you want your company to grow instead of getting constantly robbed and ripped off, you must use all the protection mechanisms possible. Multi-factor authentication and permission-based control are essential, so be careful and prosper. The world needs good companies to grow. Take your chances.

To be successful, it is essential for every enterprise app to support cloud-based services, work with Big Data, and include AI. Businesses that invest in mobile enterprise application development can stay ahead of the curve and flourish in the digital age. Andersen recommends taking advantage of these tools to optimize your business processes and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

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