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New contagious dance party anthem by Toronto’s Cmagic5 is lighting up TikTok


“Dancing On My Heart” by Canadian teen pop sensation, Cmagic5 has received well over 3 million TikTok views in just 3 weeks

Canadian pop sensation, Cmagic5 is back with a crazy catchy and riveting party anthem “Dancing On My Heart.” It’s no surprise the track has already surpassed 3 million views on TikTok just within 3 weeks of its release and was the #1 Twitter Trending hashtag #Dancingonmyheart on its release day on October 22, 2021.

If you are new to her music, Cmagic5, at just 19, is an emerging soulful Canadian vocal artist from Mississauga, based in Toronto.

She says her latest instant dance hit is “inspired by the universally relatable struggle of moving on after a breakup when your ex-lover finds any opportunity to let themselves back into your life.”

In her own words, Cmagic5 explains, “I wanted to write something upbeat that would inspire energy and confidence into my listeners. The track’s infectious tune showcases allows my voice to soar with its wide range and and soulful melodic structure. I absolutely thrive on powerful beats and catchy melodies which help me dial up an energetic delivery.”

Emerging Toronto dance pop songstress Cmagic5 just released “Dancing On My Heart” and it has already received over 3 million TikTok views.

Right on the heals of the recent success of her debut Album “Ready To Run”, Cmajic5 has garnered an impressive 10 million+ plays and counting across all digital streaming platforms.
“Dancing on my Heart” is an ultimate ‘pick-me-up’, crafted with top writers and producers.

Dancing On My Heart emphasizes the ‘moving on’ phase after falling out of a relationship and the frustration that develops when you’re falling in love with the same person all over again, knowing they’re not the one for you (but hey, it happens!),” adds Cmagic5. This can be summed up in the lyrics “I keep giving in and that’s my crime.”

Cmajic5 “Dancing On My Heart”

In a fun and playful way, it’s all about holding your Ex responsible for your inability to move on. The popular dance track that has inspired millions of TikTok dance challenge views comes across as if your Ex is your guilty pleasure.

“The track is definitely filled with lots of feel-good vibes, mature and clever lyricism, sassy undertones, and sugar-coated gooyness that will surely get your heart racing and dancing,” she says.

It is her strive for excellence that keeps Cmagic5 at the top of her game. However, crafting radio-ready bangers isn’t the only thing on this up-and-coming Canadian pop artist’s mind.

Cmagic5 says she is focused on “aiding her listeners through that one breakup that still lingers around, like venom in their veins.”

For more info, visit Cmagic5 online, Instagram @Cmagic5, TikTok @Cmagic5music and click here to download her latest single Dancing On My Heart.

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