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October is International Seafood Month


TORONTO, ON., Oct. 5, 2020 — The Month of October brings awareness to many events on the calendar; but the least known is October’s designation as International Seafood month.

Exactly how Seafood Month came about, well no one is really certain. The closest reason I have been able to find is that this distinction was proclaimed by the U.S. congress more than 30 years ago to recognize one of their nation’s oldest industries—the seafood industry. As a result of the popularity and demand for seafood, The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a global, nonprofit organization was developed more than 20 years ago. Their main mission is to safeguard our seas/oceans for future generations. With more than one-third of the world’s fishing grounds over-fished, the MSC promotes sustainable options and accountability among the fisheries.

Seafood provides us with essential nutrients (Vitamins and minerals), promotes heart health (fish are rich in Omega 3), and eases joint pain. Fish in your diet helps your skin retain its natural moisture, and promotes proper brain growth in children and infants and much more. Clearly seafood has a lot to offer us.

Look for the blue fish ecolabel of the MSC. This label ensures that the product is from a certified/sustainable fishery, and the seafood is traceable back to the certified fishery.

Next time you look for seafood, make sure the packaging features the blue fish ecolabel of the MSC. This label ensures that the product is from a certified/sustainable fishery, and the seafood is traceable back to the certified fishery. MSC seafood is kept separate from non-certified products thus eliminating issues like seafood fakes from non-certified fisheries. For more information of the MSC visit their North American website at www.msc.org/en-us/. The Canadian National office is located in Toronto.

Chef Stephan Schulz loves creating easy-to-make at home dishes with seafood. “I love seafood and all the combinations you can integrate with seafood. It’s good for you and it’s also our duty to ensure the seafood supply stays and grows to healthy levels. After-all, seafood keeps us healthy, so why don’t we return the favour,” states Chef Schulz.

“When you choose certified sustainable seafood products that feature the MSC blue fish label, you are helping to end overfishing—each product purchased, supports well-managed, sustainable fisheries working hard to protect the marine environment, so let’s all do our part,” he added.

Chef Schulz decided to take me to a local retailer where he headed directly to the seafood section and pulled out the first pre-packaged frozen fish he saw. The fish happened to be Orange Roughy (fillets). He also pointed to the MSC ecolabel on the packaging, while saying, “Well, I just found the fish I will be creating a recipe with today!”

I took note of the number he pointed to on the packaging (MSC-C-50679) and checked its source to a Canadian distributor, who is in good standing with the MSC, and that particular fish was caught in New Zealand waters. With those Orange Roughy fish fillets, Chef Schulz basted them in a panko flour and egg mixture, added a mango salad on the plate with a warm cranberry sauce…now that is delicious! Check out his recipe on TOTimes.ca.

by Frank Greco

Frank Greco is a world traveller and television producer of “The Travel Guy, Gourmet Escapes,” and other lifestyle programs and documentaries. Follow Frank on Instagram (thetravelguy1 and travelwithmeandde); become friends on Facebook (www.facebook.com/frank.greco.338); subscribe to Frank’s Free Youtube Channel (Frank Greco-The Travel Guy).


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