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Pros & Cons of Hiring A Furniture Removal Service


Furniture removal can indeed be a rather stressful experience. Not only is all the heavy lifting on you, but you also need to find a destination for your old furniture. Can you sell it all and if so, will the buyer actually pick it up? Could you donate it and how does the furniture arrive the charity? How are you planning to deal with the bulky items? At last, you’ve got the luxury to go about your removal at your own pace. Though with some items at least you will ultimately need to hire professionals. Consider the advantages of hiring a furniture removal service, but also keep the disadvantages in the back of your mind.


Hiring a service couldn’t be more convenient for you. All your worries of the how’s and what if’s are a thing of the past. A removal service wouldn’t even leave behind any dirt. They’ll clean it up for you as if they’d never been there.

Experience Is Key

Technically, anyone can do furniture removal. However, some items are not so easy to deal with. Professional service provides you with a team that’s been doing this job day in and day out. They know how to haul out your items safely. Moreover, they do have special equipment to handle large and bulky items. Office furniture is designed according to industrial grades and requires certain steps to disassemble. You may not think about it, but such industrial-grade furniture is more complicated than it may appear. 

The Safest Method

Are you aware of how many people end up in the ER each year for injuries resulting from attempts to remove furniture? You’ll probably end up with injury if you hauled out a chair or a side table if you’re not prepared. If it’s not you other objects at your home can suffer the damage. A professional removal removes those safety issues from the equation. Their qualified teams can lift any item safely for efficiency.

A Huge Time Saver

Imagine how long it’d take you to haul out your old furniture. You know how much time the process of decluttering already chews away from your time. A DIY removal implies asking friends who could help you plus the arrangement of where your old stuff ends up. With a service, you simply give them a call. They’re at your doorstep at a reliable time when it’s convenient for you. A furniture removal service allows you to go about your schedule without interruptions. Focus on the tasks that are more important to you.

Completely Hassle-free

Arranging removal doesn’t only require a lot of time from you, it also requires a lot of planning. Buyers don’t always turn up either for furniture removal. And what about the items that could be recycled? Which items could be recycled? A professional service takes care of all those matters for you. While they may not sell your items, they dispose of them responsibly. That means, any items that are still in good shape, will be donated. Any items that are up for recycling will be sorted by them at their site. Rest assured that none of your stuff aimlessly ends up in a landfill.


With all the advantages professional removal brings for you, there certainly are a couple of downsides.

The Fees

Fees can vary quite a lot. They usually take into consideration the living standard of your area. If you live in an area with a rather high standard of living, so usually fees will be higher. Additionally, the fees are calculated depending on the volume of your furniture removal. That means the amount of stuff you want them to collect and how much space is required in their trucks. Fortunately, it works both ways, the less you have, the less you’ll pay for fees. Should your removal be urgent, you might have to pay a little extra for same-day pickup. 

It Can Be a Scam

Not everyone is in the fortunate position to simply hire a professional furniture removal. Some of us have to keep a keen eye on their budget. And thus, you’ve easily swept away to cheap offers on craigslist or similar platforms. There are often untrustworthy services luring you in with extremely low fees. But in the end, you’ll have to find out those were just basic fees, not including the distance to come to you or disposal fees. 

Unskilled And Unequipped Staff

While you can rely on skilled staff with a professional furniture removal service, those with cheap offers don’t train their staff. They don’t know how to remove furniture in a safe manner. A furniture removal service with the absolute cheapest offers doesn’t provide high-tech equipment. They basically send their teams out to make as much money as possible.

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