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Recipe: Ooey Gooey Good Baked Brie

Chef Stephan Schulz

A note from the Chef:

In my view, one should always keep a Brie in the fridge. This delicious and creamy cheese is versatile and makes a great quick snack when friends come over at the last minute. A fresh baguette should also be on hand to complement the Brie and if a baguette is not available crackers will make a good substitute. Or, you can always enjoy a Baked Brie by yourself watching the latest movie. 


• One whole Brie (buy an extra creamy Brie) 
• 1 fresh baguette bread
• Fresh figs (when available-alternatives can be fresh persimmons, walnuts, or Granny Smith apples)
• Dried organic cranberries
• Canadian maple syrup
• Butter
• 1/2 lemon juice 

What you will need:

• Oven
• Parchment paper
• One oven Metal trey
• Presentation plate
• Carving knife
• Spoon


• Remove Brie from wrapping

• Once Brie is removed from wrapping, insert a knife into the top of the Brie (about one or 2 cm from the edge) and cut into round circle.

• Remove the outer top skin,  (note: just the top later of the white skin and discard).

• Place Brie onto the parchment paper then place both on the metal tray.

• Fill the top layer with the organic cranberries

• Preheat oven to 150° C (300°F) for 20 to 30 minutes and place metal tray with brie in the oven. When you see the top layer melting and bubbling just a touch. 

• Cut the baguettes into slices and lightly butter one side of each.

• Once Brie is baked, remove from oven and let cool.

• Now place sliced baguettes onto a metal tray and place into the oven. Turn oven heat to 205°C (400°F) and toast baguette slices until they are lightly browned then remove from the oven.

How to assemble

• Place Brie onto your serving dish. Use a spatula to place the warm brie on the parchment paper and place it onto the serving dish. If parchment paper remains on the brie, not too worry, pull the paper out slowly. 
• Place some toasted baguette‘s slices around the dish, assemble fruit (either fresh figs cut in half; persimmons peeled and quartered,; sliced Granny Smith apples).

• Add walnuts onto the plate and drizzle maple syrup over the Brie.


If using apples, drizzle the apple first with a little bit of lemon.

Lemon juice preserves the apples so they do not discolour and add a kick to the taste.

Chef Stephan Schulz works across Canada with corporations and with food brokers developing recipes for major restaurants and restaurant chains across Canada. Follow Chef Schulz on instagram for his daily recipe and plated photo posts.

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