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Recipe: Seared salmon in a blueberry sea (watch video)


Chef’s notes: Salmon and blueberries? Yes, and with broccoli. The salmon swims nicely in a sea of blueberry sauce with a touch of lemon juice while the green broccoli forms the coastline. It may sound over the top but this dish is SIMPLY GREAT! Try it and let me know…

Recipe by Chef Stephen Schulz

Video by Frank Greco, TGTV

Chef Stephan Schulz works across Canada with corporations and with food brokers developing recipes for major restaurants and restaurant chains across Canada.

Follow Chef Schulz on instagram for his daily recipe and plated photo posts: https://www.instagram.com/chef_schulz/https://www.instagram.com/chef_schulz or click on this link to subscribe to the chef stephan schulz youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsu8-jLweUzBqqBA0gOjPdg/)

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