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What is the future of gambling in Canada?


Hundreds of licensed gambling establishments, thousands of table games, tens of thousands of slots – gambling is a big part of Canada’s entertainment industry. It’s a sector with a market size of over 12 billion USD, fueled by how much Canadians love games of chance. Studies show that two thirds of Canadian citizens take part in some form of gambling. 

There’s definitely no social taboo on playing casino games in Canada and that makes the country appealing for gambling site operators. In addition to the large number of potential players, new and more liberal legislation has also helped the growth and healthy development of the Canadian online gambling industry.

future of gambling

On April 4th 2022, iGaming Ontario went live, offering a market open to private operators. Of course, to enter that market, an operator first needs to register with the AGCO, i.e. the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. iGaming Ontario created a regulated environment for both safe and competitive online gambling.

15 million people live in the province of Ontario, and everyone at least 19 years of age is allowed to play at a casino there. So, it’s a very significant new market for online gaming, and it has caught the attention and interest of many investors. That sort of competition is good for the people of Ontario who can choose from many approved and registered operators.

The expectations are that Ontario’s igaming market will continue to grow and see great success. That may come at a cost for land-based casinos which have suffered greatly from the pandemic crisis, and are now slowly being replaced by online alternatives – something that didn’t seem possible when the first online casinos appeared in the 1990s, but technology and gambling sites in particular have come a long way since then.

The major advantage of technology is that it allows people to play with less inconveniences and lower associated costs. Going out and visiting land-based casinos is certainly always going to be more demanding than playing on your device. And our devices keep getting better and better – people are already talking about virtual reality, which could spell the doom of certain businesses.

It’s important to note that most advertisements by gambling site operators are focused on their free-to-play games. Traditional land-based casinos, on the other hand, do not advertise anything free. With online casinos, you can play either completely for free, or you could place bets so small that even the worst of losing streaks wouldn’t be a problem for you.

That said, online casinos do allow you to place bigger bets, but here it’s extremely important to heed the widespread warnings that exist to remind you how easy it is to develop gambling problems. There’s no need to risk sums of money that you couldn’t afford to lose. So, if you ever feel an urge to gamble with high stakes, just don’t. You can keep playing, just don’t get greedy and lose everything as a result.

To remain in a healthy state of mind, it’s important to surround yourself with people who care about your well-being. And when choosing an online casino, it’s just as important to opt for one that is about entertaining you with fun games and not about taking all your money. If players made wise choices, bad casino practices would quickly become a thing of the past.

Either way, people’s expectations of online casinos have been raised significantly over the past few years. The extraordinary profitability of gambling sites led to an extraordinary amount of competition that ultimately resulted in a quickly improving gaming experience. To stay relevant, operators must regularly come up with new offers that stand out as really impressive.

In addition to the casinos being better, there’s also a much more developed online gambling community, which actively shares knowledge and ideas. Independent websites entirely dedicated to reviewing online casinos also took the stage, and they’re gaining traction because of the huge variety of offers out there – too many for people to compare without help from experts.

There is no shortage of information about online casinos, and there are plenty of gambling sites that are trustworthy because of the strict regulations they abide by and their reputation. It’s been a while since online casinos were a complete novelty, so you can find ones that have been in business for more than a decade, and they’ve proved to be honest and reliable during that time.

New online casinos are also interesting to look at because companies are often willing to take a loss in order to enter a new market with a bang – which means that in some places you could potentially find bonuses that seem too good to be true. Yet, most players stick to just a few games and rarely try out many different casinos. We are creatures of habit, there’s no doubt. But if we could overcome our instincts and think rationally – there’s a lot out there we could explore.

Payments are the key

When it comes to online casinos one of the most important things are the payment options. Casinos should offer localized and easy to use payment methods like Interac, Much Better and of course credit-debit cards.

Another factor around the payments is the withdrawal time. Players love to have quick access to their winnings, so we see more and more Canadian online casinos offering withdrawals in under 1 hour, same day or instant.

The fear that stops people from exploring opportunities is not rational at all. Yes – there are scammers out there, lots of them. But that doesn’t matter even a bit when there’s a way to check and know for sure if a particular casino is licensed, regulated and reputable. And it’s not difficult to check – there are websites where you can read thorough casino reviews written by experts.

The future of gambling in Canada seems bright. But that assessment is based only on the opportunities that are available. Seizing those opportunities, and making the most of each situation is up to every one of us. So, even if the collective future is good, your personal gambling experience remains heavily dependent on your own choices. 

The intention behind this article is to help you make the most of your gambling experience, and the key points to take away are:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Stick to legitimate and reputable casinos
  • Be careful not to gamble more than you can afford to lose
  • Keep your eyes open for new opportunities, such as new casinos and latest bonuses

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