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Windows & Doors in Canada: How to Choose the Right Ones


What is the first thing that catches your attention about a residence – old or new – whenever you walk by the first time? Besides the paint job, an outstanding window and doors design would surely spin a few heads, too, of course!

That’s what we’re all about. We have got in touch with Ecoline, windows and doors in Canada experts, and together we will help you pick the best windows and doors that would not only keep you safe but also keep your home up on the list of “the most admired” in your neighbourhood.

Why Would You Need New Windows/Doors?

For an already completed residence, why would you want to change your windows, you ask? Well, here are a few reasons to consider swapping those old windows:

  • Wear and Tear

As much as we all would love some of our stuff to last forever, the truth is that this is just pretty much impossible. Over time, your windows and doors are bound to weaken due to constant changes in the climate, weather, humidity, and other factors of nature that are bound to happen. Let’s face it; these things are just inevitable, and like them, changing your windows and doors is too.

  • New aesthetics 

Everyone loves and wants beautiful things, and an elegant new window design is quite hard to resist, especially when all the other homes in the community are spotting it. 

  • Durability and enhanced energy efficiency

Besides adding an alluring modern look to your residence, new windows and doors also come with improved durability and better coating to help forestall rapid wear-and-tear. Moreover, new windows and doors offer increased energy efficiency that allows you to lower your energy bills.

How To Select The Best Window & Doors For Your Homes

Here are a few vital details to look out for as you browse through the options available to you when picking out new windows/doors for your home:

Popular Window and Door Styles

Whether you prefer your windows and doors plain-looking, or you like them as grand as they can be, there is a thing with going for the more popular types and styles in the market, as they are already proven and trusted by a lot of installers and private Canadian homeowners alike.

  • When it comes to windows, the most frequently go-to spread style is casement. Easy to clean, energy-efficient and elegant looking, this window style is the best choice if you want to invest in your house makeover and exterior.
  • As for doors, the patio is option number 1 for most Canadians. Unobstructed view, easy operation, durability and energy efficiency are just a few perks you get when installing these doors for your home.


When it comes to selecting new windows and doors, you need to understand a vital concept: the materials you pick not only influence the look, durability and energy efficiency but also determine the warranty you get from the company. One particular company, for instance, might only offer a non-transferable lifetime warranty on their vinyl window components but a different warranty package on their insulated glass units, which only come with a 20-year limited warranty.

As for the frame material itself, you have here many options:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Fibreglass
  • Aluminum and other

However, the most popular choice is still Vinyl. It is not as expensive as wood and fibreglass but offers an exceptional look, outstanding durability and excellent energy efficiency.   


In modern-day construction, it’s almost viewed as a cardinal sin to install any other type of windows besides the most endorsed Energy Star-rated windows these days. Of course, you have to choose between double and triple glazing, but it all depends on your specific situation like climate zone, budget and location within the house. 

But, is that all there is to the demand for these types of window units? You bet there’s more! The truth is that energy-efficient windows can help minimize outside noise and even improve the value of your home, in addition to the apparent cost savings. 

Oh, and there’s more. This, coupled with the money you’ll also get to save on your electricity bill, would make the investment more than worthwhile for you in the long run.  

Prices for New Windows and Doors in Canada

As you already understood, getting new windows or doors is not that easy as one might think. And the same goes for prices. Great products cost a lot, and it is especially true for windows and doors. They are pretty expensive since it is usually considered a once-in-a-lifetime investment for many homeowners. The table below represents a typical price range by location within your home for the most popular products: casement windows and patio doors.

LocationCasement windowPatio Door
Basement$535 – $1,022n\a
Bathroom$446 – $1,032n\a
Bedroom$444 – $1193$1747 – $2882
Bonus room$676 – $1134n\a
Dining room$550 – $1348$1600 – $3879
Family room$605 – $1999$1631 – $3032
Foyer$858 – $1999n\a
Front$583 – $1014n\a
Kitchen$329 – $1356$1681 – $2862
Living room$484 – $1614$1640 – $4427
Master bedroom$545 – $1304$1568 – $3437
Nook$549 – $1149$1395 – $3083

Source: windows and doors by Ecoline

Right Installation

No matter how well you’ve passed the selection and economic decision-making phase of selecting new windows and doors, everything would have been for nothing if you do not have them installed properly. As much as a lot of us may not like getting involved in so much of the technical aspects, we still have a responsibility to ensure that our homes, or renovations carried out, are all compliant with set standards. Make sure to check that your window company:

  • Follows the CSA and local building codes
  • Installs only Energy Star-rated and NFRC & NAFS-11 testes products
  • Offers a decent warranty just like Ecoline Windows that offers a 25-year full cover warranty for any installed window or door
  • Has a considerable number of already successful installation and replacement projects in your area

The Bottom Line

Constructing a new residence or even renovating an existing one is always an arduous task. It gets even trickier when you’re faced with the challenge of picking out materials to help give that dream, finished look.

Your choice of windows and doors sure go a long way to adding that perfect look you desire, and we hope we’ve been able to help you make the right choices.

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