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Differences between Modern and Traditional Exterior Doors


When it comes to that time when homeowners need to change their exterior doors, there is always the challenge of deciding between modern and traditional doors. The two types of doors are polar opposites, and there are certain things to consider before deciding on one of these door types. Deciding between modern and traditional doors also depends on personal taste and preferences.

If you are looking forward to improving your home’s curb appeal, paying attention to the door designs is important. Both traditional and modern doors can be customized to the design you want to make your home more attractive. Below are some differences between modern and traditional exterior doors that can help homeowners decide what they are looking for in their projects.

1. The Door Appearance

When it comes to the appearance of traditional exterior doors, they are mostly associated with old home designs. The traditional doors are majorly known for having wood-like surfaces; however, in some cases, the surfaces are made using modern materials.

In some cases, traditional entry doors are designed with colors and are installed with camping and grilles. They can also be designed with glass inserts that are either oval or curved in shape. This is unlike modern doors that have flat surfaces. They mostly come in dark and rich colors.

Modern doors, on the other hand, have the appearance of a simple finish where their surface is usually smooth and sleek. In most cases, they are designed with straight lines or can feature some angular elements.

Modern doors also have frosted and textured glass inserts like traditional ones. However, the difference in this feature is that in modern doors, the glass inserts are usually large and don’t have so many decorative elements. Modern doors can come in either bright or muted colors, according to your preference.

2. Hardware

Door hardware involves features such as the locks, the handles, and the hinges. The hardware plays a great role when it comes to the door design. The hardware featured in traditional doors is different from the one in modern doors.

Traditional doors are designed with ornate fittings, however, in organic forms, and the doors feature minimal metallic finishes.

On the other hand, modern exterior doors have very simple and smooth fittings. Most of the hardware has straight edges and shows a lot of metal details.

3. Material

In most cases, traditional doors are characterized by natural wood materials. However, with technological improvements, traditional doors can be made from industrial materials, unlike in the past. Getting a traditional door in modern times allows you to decide on how you want it designed, starting from the door material.

In the current times, traditional doors can also be designed in other materials, such as fiberglass, as long as they stand out as traditional doors. The only requirement when another material is used other than wood is that it should feature a woodgrain finish.

When it comes to the type of material in modern doors, there is a very wide variety of options to choose from. They come in various materials and can be customized to any design you have in your head to meet your needs and preferences.

4. The Price

There is no major difference in the price of traditional and modern entry doors. The price of the door is not affected by its style but rather by the customization of features and other factors, such as the door material.

Other factors that cause price changes include the door size and the type of hardware used. The location you live in may also affect the door cost because if the door is not easily available and requires to be shipped internationally, it will definitely cost more than the locally available door.

5. The Feel

Just as the name suggests, the traditional doors appear traditional in vibe and elegance. The doors don’t have many options for customization of the door design.

On the other hand, modern exterior doors are very flexible in design. You only need to explain your needs and choice of design to the retailer or manufacturer, and it will be customized exactly as you want.

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