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Downtown Toronto residents may receive lower water pressure over next few months


Emergency watermain repair occurs Jan.- Apr

Downtown Toronto residents may receive lower water pressure – Some Toronto residents may find they need to take longer showers over the next few months as their water pressure could dip while the City of Toronto commences emergency watermain repairs in specific downtown areas.

As of yesterday (January 22, 2020) at 7 a.m., “the City of Toronto will begin repairs on a watermain near Gerrard Street and Yonge Street that was damaged by a private contractor on January 20,” according to a press release from Magda Stec at the City’s Strategic Communications department.

Downtown areas being affected

 Water service will not be interrupted, however, lower water pressure may be experienced in the following area while the repairs are underway: 
• College/Carlton Street to the north 
• Dundas Street to the south 
• Sherbourne Street to the east 
• Spadina Avenue to the west 

The repairs will take place from January 22 to April 30, 2020 and will be occurring underground, so no disruption to traffic is anticipated. 

But apparently there is no cause for alarm, the City says, “as there will be safe water supply to all customers throughout the repair by rerouting water through surrounding watermains. When this happens, the flow of water in other local watermains may change direction and become slightly discoloured due to disruption of iron deposits. To minimise discolouration Toronto Water will be flushing local watermains in the area. There are no health-related impacts associated with the discolouration and the water is safe to drink.”

Downtown Toronto residents may receive lower water pressure – photo by FreePik

What you should do if your water is discoloured

Those living in buildings less than four storeys that experience discoloured water should flush the taps by running the water until it is clear – up to 30 minutes. Those in taller multi-residential buildings should contact their property manager. If the discolouration continues after flushing, contact 311. Minimal water pressure (40 psi or greater) will be maintained throughout repair work. 

The City says it is important to note Customers who experience no water, or extreme low water pressure should contact 311. 

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