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Popular Infinity Mirrors Exhibition Coming To AGO


A few months ago, tickets to the Broad museum’s upcoming Yayoi Kusama exhibition sold 50,000 tickets in less than an hour. Now, it’s coming to Toronto at the AGO! The special exhibition, featuring the artist’s immersive mirrored-room installations was made popular after various Instagram posts and used in an Adele music video.

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors exhibit will be unveiled on March 3, 2018 at the AGO and end on May 27, 2018. Tickets are sure to go quick due to the popularity. Members will have early access to tickets starting on December 12, 2017, but everyone else will have to wait till January 16, 2018.

The exhibition will be timed, which means each ticket will have a designated entry date and time for viewing Infinity Mirrors.

Once inside, viewers will be allowed “20 to 30 seconds in each of the six rooms, as directed by the artist’s intent.” Wait times between rooms are expected to be 20 minutes, so visitors are told to reserve two hours for viewing the exhibition.

Will you be visiting?

By: Nazaneen Baqizada

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