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Toronto-based reggae-fusion artist Ammoye is up for yet another JUNO


TORONTO, March 8, 2023 – Her souful album “Water” will be in the running for Reggae Recording of the Year at the Juno Awards show, March 13 in Edmonton.

And the Toronto artist Ammoye is getting to be an old hand at it – this marking her SIXTH Juno nomination.

“You must know everybody there, by now,” this reporter jokes?

“Yes, I enjoy it,” she laughs. “It’s a good way to network, and to talk to friends you don’t get to see when everybody’s (out gigging). And also just the recognition for the hard work of the artists.”

“It would be nice to win, for sure,” she continues. “But I love what I do and don’t do it to get awards.”

A self-described “forward fusion” artist, Ammoye blends her Reggae with EDM, Dub Step, R&B, Gospel, and Jazz. She went through a spiritual awakening before recording 2017’s “The Light”, and says “Water” is a continuation of that. Such themes percolate through songs like “Journey Home” (featuring Lord Sassafras), the sweet, summery “On The Dock”, the infectious “Count On Me” – even the sexy dance track “Bad Behaviour”.

That said, Ammoye is all about fashion – and she will surely arrive in a flashy number for her live performance at the 2023 Junofest. While these days she has a designer, she still likes to put “my little touches” on the outfits. For her fashion sense, she looks to Grace Jones for her fearlessness and unique style, and to Sade for her tastefully sexy appearance.

“She’s the perfect epitome of classy, of empowering who you are. I always admire that about her,” she says, of the latter. “I do believe the visual aspect of what I do is (important), but to stay in line with my values.”

“I’m here for the music and the message. I call myself an activator.”

This native of Clarendon, Jamaica was singing in the church choir by the age of three.

“Growing up with my grandparents, we were very strict Christians,” she explains. “I was very shy, but my grandmother she recognized the talent. I’m grateful to her.”

She was equally influenced by the legendary Bob Marley, and his credo of love, peace, and self-emancipation.

“He became a staple to me – the music, the (message) that is still relevant,” she adds.

Ammoye moved to Toronto at 18, and has been recording independently since 2010.

She has appeared at the Grammy Awards Showcase in L.A. and at the New Skool Rules Festival in Rotterdam, and has worked alongside reggae stars like Ziggy Marley, Freddie McGregor, and Sly & Robbie. Her 6-piece band toured all of the Margaritaville restaurants in Jamaica, in 2019.

As a “creative person”, Ammoye also likes painting, and gardening. So, it’s no surprise to learn that as a little girl she would climb the mango trees in the backyard and make up songs to herself

“We had all kinds of animals –birds, goats, chickens running around,” she recalls. “They were my friends. I made up songs and they didn’t judge me. I guess I’m doing that, now.”

by Mike Beggs

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