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Toronto chef Craig Wong partners with DoorDash to celebrate Lunar New Year


Patois launches limited-edition Lunar New Year dish exclusively available on DoorDash until January 30

TORONTO, Jan. 18, 2023 – DoorDash Canada is has just announced that they will partner with Toronto restaurateur and owner of Chinese-Jamaican fusion restaurant PatoisCraig Wong to celebrate Lunar New Year. As part of the partnership, DoorDash customers will be able to order Soft Shell Crab Long Life Noodle from January 18 until January 30 to ring in the new year.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture – a time of well wishes and new beginnings, often centreed around delicious food. This year is no different. From January 18 until January 30, Craig Wong and DoorDash are offering Soft Shell Crab Long Life Noodle, a dish inspired by his Chinese heritage. For this recipe, Craig elevated his all-time favourite meal growing up – noodles.

Soft Shell Crab Long Life Noodle features softshell crab, umami flavours and various vegetables accompanying ramen noodles to create a bright, colourful and harmonious dish. Culturally, the length of noodles symbolizes longevity and a healthy and happy life. “In my family, you eat noodles because they symbolize longevity. You slurp noodles but try not to bite or break them in order to keep them as long as possible,” says Craig Wong, owner of Patois.

“Canada is known for having some of the greatest culinary experiences, with varying cuisines, flavours and chefs, including Craig Wong,” says Shilpa Arora, General Manager, DoorDash Canada. “We are extremely excited to partner with Craig and Patois around Lunar New Year and beyond, to celebrate and raise awareness of the outstanding Asian culinary scene across Canada.”

Patois fusion restaurant

Craig Wong is owner of Patois, a fusion restaurant of Chinese family-style dining with bold flavours of Asia and the Caribbean. Raised in Scarborough, Wong has learned various techniques and disciplines from years working in Michelin starred restaurants like Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée and Heston Blumental’s Fat Duck in England.

“Lunar New Year was a very different kind of celebration when I was a kid. It was an intimate time with my family at home and almost felt like our secret holiday that only us “insiders” knew about,” says Craig Wong, owner of Patois. “Nowadays, it’s developed into a bigger event and it’s common for Canadians of all backgrounds to recognize and partake in. The inclusiveness of Lunar New Year brings me great joy and pride. This important holiday is a moment that makes me feel extra generous, bringing lots to the family dinner table and knowing that good things are coming this year.”

Whether you are celebrating Lunar New Year, hosting loved ones or wanting to try a new cuisine, DoorDash is making it easy to get your favourite dishes delivered to your doorstep and ring in the new year stress free.

About DoorDash

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