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26 domestic Toronto flights with travellers onboard that have tested positive for COVID-19 afterwards


Air Canada believes a test-based strategy may be a safe alternative to the 14-day quarantine

TORONTO, ON., Oct. 6, 2020 /CNW/ — According to data from the Canadian government, at least 28 domestic flights between Sept. 21 and Oct. 2 have had a traveller onboard that has after-the-fact tested positive for COVID-19.

At least 26 of the flights either landed in or took off from Toronto, which has been categorized as a COVID-19 hotspot due to the soaring number of infections reported each day.

Meanwhile, Air Canada is pushing to drop the 14-day mandatory quarantine period for travellers returning to the country in favour of a test-based approach. They posted on Instagram today saying they believe a test-based strategy may be a safe alternative to a 14-day quarantine after an international flight.

“Over 15,000 voluntary COVID-19 tests have been taken by international customers arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport as part of a McMaster HealthLabs study. The preliminary results? Over 99% have tested negative. We believe that a test-based strategy may be a safe alternative to the 14-day quarantine,” reads the post from Air Canada.

There are also 26 international flights impacted by a positive case of the novel coronavirus.

Here are the international flights impacted by a case of COVID-19 updated October 6 3:15 pm:

AeromexicoAM696Mexico City (MEX)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-27Unknown
Air CanadaAC45New Delhi (DEL)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-2531 to 39
Air CanadaAC871Paris (CDG)Montreal (YUL)2020-09-2518 to 24
Air CanadaAC43New Delhi (DEL)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-2429 to 35
Air CanadaAC1241Cancun (CUN)Montreal (YUL)2020-09-2512 to 15
Air CanadaAC855London (LHR)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-23Unknown
Air CanadaAC1255Kingston (KIN)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-23Unknown
Air CanadaAC846Toronto (YYZ)Munich (MUC)2020-09-221 to 6
Air CanadaAC0873Frankfurt (FRA)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-26Unknown
Air CanadaAC794Los Angeles (LAX)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-29Unknown
Air CanadaAC80Toronto (YYZ)Tel Aviv (TLV)2020-09-29Unknown
Air CanadaAC992Mexico City (MEX)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-29Unknown
Air CanadaAC43Delhi (DEL)Toronto (YYZ)2020-10-0112 to 14
Air CanadaAC1255Kingston (KIN)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-2517 to 23
Air Canada/Air IndiaAC848/AI7310Toronto (YYZ)London (LHR)2020-09-22Unknown
Air Canada/JazzAC8491/QK8491Washington (DCA)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-307 to 13
Air FranceAF356Paris (CDG)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-22Unknown
Air IndiaAI1143Delhi (DEL)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-27Unknown
Air IndiaAI1143Delhi (DEL)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-30Unknown
Air IndiaAI187Delhi (DEL)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-2636 to 42
Air TransatTS573Lyon (LYS)Montreal (YUL)2020-09-271 to 4
Cathay PacificCX829Toronto (YYZ)Hong Kong (HKG)2020-09-2753 to 59
Delta AirlinesDL4740Detroit (DTW)Montreal (YUL)2020-09-3017 to 20
EmiratesEK241Dubai (DXB)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-27Unknown
Ethiopian AirlinesET553Toronto (YYZ)Addis Ababa (ADD)2020-09-2225 to 31
Ethiopian AirlinesET552Addis Ababa (ADD)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-2512 to 16
KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKL681Amsterdam (AMS)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-27unknown
Lufthansa AirLH6794Frankfurt (FRA)Montreal (YUL)2020-09-26unknown
Turkish AirlinesTK17Istanbul (IST)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-29Unknown

Here are the Domestic flights with confirmed COVID-19 cases updated October 6 3:15 pm:

Air CanadaAC304Vancouver (YVR)Montreal (YUL)2020-09-2222 to 28
Air CanadaAC123Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-2419 to 25
Air CanadaAC423Montreal (YUL)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-2518 to 24
Air CanadaAC133Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)2020-09-2419 to 25
Air CanadaAC8418Vancouver (YVR)Kelowna (YLW)2020-09-23Unknown
Air CanadaAC195Toronto (YYZ)Victoria (YYJ)2020-09-2328 to 33
Air CanadaAC115Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-26Unknown
Air CanadaAC8445Quebec City (YQB)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-22Unknown
Air CanadaAC8317Toronto (YYZ)Sault Ste. Marie (YAM)2020-09-22Unknown
Air CanadaAC123Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-2315 to 21
Air CanadaAC604Toronto (YYZ)Halifax (YHZ)2020-09-3013 to 17
Air CanadaAC115Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-3023 to 29
Air CanadaAC169Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)2020-09-2630 to 33
Air CanadaAC115Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-273 to 4 and 12 to 15
Air CanadaAC158Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-2927 to 33
Air CanadaAC415Montreal (YUL)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-2615 to 21
Air CanadaAC171Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)2020-09-2619 to 25
Air CanadaAC303Montreal (YUL)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-2528 to 34
Air CanadaAC296Vancouver (YVR)Winnipeg (YWG)2020-09-2727 to 29
Air Canada / JazzAC7947/QK7947Toronto (YYZ)Regina (YQR)2020-09-2512 to 18
Air Canada/JazzAC8876/QK8876Halifax (YHZ)Deer Lake (YDF)2020-09-306 to 10
Air Canada/JazzJZ8910Toronto (YYZ)Moncton (YQM)2020-09-3018 to 24
Air Canada/JazzJZ8261Vancouver (YVR)Nanaimo (YCD)2020-09-251 to 7
Air Canda/JazzJZ7939Toronto (YYZ)Regina (YQR)2020-10-0119 to 23
Pascan AirlineP6475St-Hubert (YHU)Iles de la Madeleine (YGR)2020-09-29Unknown
SwoopWO116Edmonton (YEG)Hamilton (YHM)2020-10-018 to 14
SwoopWO101Hamilton (YHM)Edmonton (YEG)2020-09-2528 to 32
SwoopWO107Hamilton (YHM)Abbotsford (YXX)2020-10-02Unknown
WestJetWS4003Fort MacKay (YFI)Edmonton (YEG)2020-09-221 to 3
WestJetWS3529Montreal (YUL)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-234 to 10
WestJetWS3178Grand Prairie (YQU)Calgary (YYC)2020-09-24Unknown
WestJetWS662Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)2020-09-24Unknown
WestJetWS439Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)2020-09-236 to 12 and 23 to 29
WestJetWS725Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)2020-09-274 to 10
WestJetWS665Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)2020-09-2618 to 23
WestJetWS431Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)2020-09-2424 to 29

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