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Holiday appetizer recipe: Steelhead Smoked Salmon on Naan


Steelhead Smoked Salmon on Naan recipe — Chef’s note This is a super easy recipe to make in a jiffy. If you are looking for a quick appetizer (for your immediate family during the pandemic), watching a movie at home or needing to prepare a quick snack for your ravenous kids, this one is it and it takes minutes to prepare….enjoy!

• Naan bread (Small rounds Naan)
• 100g Steelhead sliced smoked salmon
• 1 Small Red onion. Cut into very small slices for garnish, chop remaining onion very fine to be added to the sour cream mixture. 
• 1/2 cup of Cream cheese
• 1/4 cup of Mayonnaise 
• 2 teaspoons of Sour cream
• 1/4 cup of Fresh dill, chopped fine to be added to the sour cream mixture, also use some for garnish
• Salt and pepper to taste

Take Naan and cut it into arounds (Some grocery stores may sell Naan rounds to save you time).

• Roasted Naan for a few minutes in the oven, take out and let cool down 
•Mix sour cream, mayonnaise and cream cheese thoroughly together then add fresh dill and chopped onion to the cream mixture and mix. 
•Add a tablespoon of the mixture on top of the Naan rounds 
•Place one slice of thin sliced smoked salmon on top

•Add dill and onions on top to your likening. 


Chef Stephan Schulz works across Canada with corporations and with food brokers developing recipes for major restaurants and restaurant chains across Canada. Follow Chef Schulz on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chef_schulz, for his daily recipe and plated photo posts.

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