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Month: November 2016

We have a radio ad blitz going on starting December 5th for 5 days, on 94.7 AM. You may hear the ad for Earth to Body offering you a free lip balm when you come into the store and simply say ‘BEST BALM EVER’. We...

Several years ago my then-girlfriend played the title role in a local production of Evita. The set designer had created two large portraits of Eva and Juan Peron. After the.

Photos: Sebastien Bourgault – totimes.ca [gallery link="file" size="large" ids="33876,33877,33878,33879,33880,33881,33882,33883,33884,33886,33887,33888"]   [gallery link="file" size="large" ids="33889,33890,33891"]

Glenfiddich is a scotch whisky that hardly needs an introduction.Unless you are from planet mars, you have seen their iconic bottle in a billboard, duty free shop or at the SAQ and LCBO. This Scottish distillery was  founded in 1887 by William Grant. Glenfiddich, is...
Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset used the expression "man and his circumstance" to refer to the conditions surrounding one's life that may determine the existential vicissitudes of an individual. In the case of "Things to Come" ("L'Avenir" in French) the existential conundrum is that...
The above photo is a glimpse into our new shop production area. Russ is pouring an assembly of Tooth Cleansers, soon to be labeled and brought out to our storefront.  Some will also be sold online, or at a craft show somewhere else in Canada....

In unprecedented numbers, close to 1,000 West Islanders gathered at the Beaconsfield Recreation Centre on November 19, to banish hunger on the West Island. The first annual Neighbours for Neighbours Food Drive.

I came to hear Angela’s story. But I got so much more. “I was born in Hell,” she says. In a giant cemetery where every footfall disturbs an unmarked grave..

For the second consecutive year, Sun Youth received thousands of organic vegetables grown in Montreal thanks to the Regroupement Partage’s project “Cultiver l’espoir”. The social integration group in organic farming, D-3-Pierres, has grown 100 000 kg of organic vegetables on 5 hectares of Bois-de-la-Roche farmlands...
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