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Montreal’s ALIAS shares gritty new single “Together”


Today, ALIAS – the moniker of Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist Emmanuel Alias – shares his new punchy, high energy single “Together” via Simone Records. Following last year’s debut, It’s Not Funny So Stop Smilin’, “Together” marks ALIAS’ first release of 2022 and sees him excelling with his fervent take on psych-rock.

LISTEN: to ALIAS’ “Together” on YouTube

On the track, ALIAS describes, “The song “Together” centres around the fictional character of Jozef. Colourful, eclectic, inhabited by a sweet madness, he resides in a home that is not his, with other occupants just as offbeat as him. Jozef’s thoughts are sometimes turbulant, even violent, as the multiple personalities within him collide. Is he mad, or is he a dreamer? “Together” is only a glimpse into the world as perceive by this character, leaving just enough space for the listener to fill in the gaps himself”

After nine years of jazz studies at the Darius Milhaud Conservatory in Aix-en-Provence, ALIAS moved to Québec in 2014 and began working on movie soundtracks with Jean-Phi Goncalves at XS Music, notably contributing music to the shows Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects (both on HBO); Une autre histoire, Hubert et Fanny, Cerebrum, and Mon fils (ICI Télé); Mariloup Wolfe’s feature-length Jouliks; and numerous Cirque du Soleil projects. Since 2017, he has also worked with Musique Nomade, producing the album DREAMWEAVER by multidisciplinary Oji-Cree/Mi’kmaq artist Anachnid (nominated at ADISQ and long-listed for the Polaris Prize) and singles by Q-052, Annie Sama, Chances, and iskwē. He is the musical and stage director for Anachnid’s concerts. Another close collaborator is Beyries: as well as live performances together, he produced the song “Out Of Touch” on her recent Encounter album.
At the same time, he has maintained a variety of projects that fulfill his need to explore different genres, releasing punk, hip-hop, and ambient albums under different cryptonyms. Finally, he has arrived at ALIAS, marked by smooth, soaring, retro-tinged psych rock that he wants to take to the next level.

Beginning with introspective songs scored for only guitar and voice, he found that his efforts to retroactively instil grit could not scratch their original seriousness and polish, and so he burst them entirely out of their original forms, introducing fantastic, hallucinatory stories and multilingual diversions: Personification of dogs, dementia, the Wild West, killers, loneliness, space exploration.

“Together” is out now on Simone Records. You can listen to it here.

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