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Month: April 2017

  Toronto's premier music festival, NXNE, announced their lineup today. Newly announced highlights include award-winning English rapper, singer and songwriter Tinie Tempah; fast-rising Detroit rapper, vocalist, and producer Amir Obè; critically acclaimed and live show-stopping indie rockers, Yukon Blonde; the SXSW highlight performer that the LA Times called ‘a singer and rapper...
[caption id="attachment_34901" align="alignleft" width="150"] By: Bonnie Wurst - mtltimes.ca[/caption]   Marijuana Legislation - The Trudeau government has kept its promise to introduce the legalization of recreational marijuana across Canada and today put forth a motion with policy changes for public safety and health across the...

Marco Giovanetti - info@mtltimes.ca Top wine lover gifts - A great gift idea for the wine lover or for Mother's and father's day right around the corner. Click and buy..

If you are a fan of Alec Baldwin (best known from The Departed, 30 Rock, Beetlejuice and most recently playing Donald Trump on SNL), then you have a chance meet him in person! He will be coming to meet fans in Toronto on Monday, April 10...
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