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How To Stream Tokyo Olympics


The Olympics are just about to start, and we can’t wait to pull out our fan gear, gather our friends and enjoy hours-long entertainment. If you missed the latest news on the Olympics, keep reading because we bring you everything you need to know about the latest arrangements.

What’s new at the Olympics?

Considering that these Olympics are far from normal, the whole organizational process has been a center of attention for months now. Besides that, the Olympic Committee truly has a lot on its plate right now – from athletes testing positive for COVID to sexism scandals and one of the biggest sponsors stopping their TV campaigns for the Olympics. We can only hope that setbacks won’t continue and that the whole competition won’t be put in question.

On the other hand, there is still a lot to look forward to, such as five new sports that will make their debut this year.

Check out which new competitions you can expect to see this year:

  • Skateboarding – skateboarding went from a recreational sport popular among distinctive youth subcultures to an Olympic sport in little more than sixty years. You can now enjoy watching some of the masters of the sport performing jaw-dropping tricks. Make sure to support Team Canada in making its historical debut.
  • Baseball and softball – baseball and softball are no longer a part of the Olympic family, but they’re making a comeback exclusively for this year’s Olympics. Unfortunately, Canada’s baseball team didn’t qualify for the Olympics, but the women’s softball team is on fire! The red and white squad is ready to bring gold home!
  • Karate – along with judo, taekwondo, boxing, and other martial arts-makes its entry into the Olympic arena. Canada will be represented by Daniel Gaysinsky, who will compete in the +75 category.
  • Surfing – let the excitement splash over you because it’s time to welcome surfing to the club. Sadly, even though we have amazing surfers, Canada didn’t make it through the qualifications, but this is an excellent opportunity to catch on to the sport and the fierce competition out there.
  • Sport climbing – for those who are more into a nail-biting amusement, sport climbing won’t fail to deliver a true adrenaline rush. Two top-level climbers qualified to defend the Canadian colors this year, both in the women and men category.

How to stream events online

Since there won’t be an audience at this year’s Summer Olympics, prepare yourself for streaming on time. If you want a flawless watching experience, stream with a VPN. A VPN service hides your actual location and IP address and gives you access to geo-restricted content. This way, you can enjoy a high-quality sports experience regardless of your exact location.

CBC will be an official Olympics broadcaster for English speaking public in Canada, meaning that they’ll have exclusive rights and the most diverse program. You can watch live sports events as well as taped delays of significant events.

Besides, you can watch the Olympics on TSN and Sportsnet, but they have limited coverage rights. But it’ll ultimately come down to your preferences because CBC will focus on content that is most interesting to Canadian fans. At the same time, TSN and Sportsnet offer coverage of specific sports events from start to finish.

The french-speaking audience can watch the Olympics on Ici Radio-Canada Télé, a television network owned by the CBC, and on RDS – a TNS’s French network.

The previous year has taught us to work with what we have and make the most of every situation. Thus, even if you can’t attend sports events in Japan, buckle up and cheer at the top of your lungs. Go Team Canada!

lead photo by pixabay.com

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