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Month: June 2017

Jennifer Brodeur - Jennifer Brodeur, also known as Jennifer Brodeur Skin Guru or JB Skin Guru, transforms her clients’ skin with natural remedies unlike anything else on the skin care.

Vinho Verde - Few wines symbolize summer quite like Vinho Verde. These refreshing, young wines are fun, simple to drink and the perfect companion for the outdoors in the sun. They’re also quite affordable. The Vinho Verde selection at the SAQ is under $22 a...
[caption id="attachment_35095" align="alignleft" width="150"] Stuart Nulman - totimes.ca[/caption] Steve McQueen - In the world of sports movies, there are at best a mere handful of memorable movies dealing with the fast-paced, highly dangerous world of auto racing (and only three come to mind): “Grand Prix”...
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